Scala from Scratch: Exploration Cover

Scala from Scratch: Exploration is the first in a series of two books that teach you the Scala programming language. Readers that have some experience with an object-oriented or imperative language, like Java, Ruby, or Python, will get a comprehensive overview of what Scala brings to the table. The goal is to get you excited about Scala and give you a strong foundation for writing your first applications and continuing your journey. By the end of the book, you will have a good idea of what it's like to work with Scala, and you will have written a small, but complete command-line application based on a Functional Core, Imperative Shell architecture.


The ebook and the hardcover book are available at two different shops. Only Leanpub allows me to create discount codes. If you would like to get both the hardcover and the ebook, here's what you can do: Send me an email with a picture of your hardcover book, and I'll send you a Leanpub coupon code allowing you to get the ebook for free.